Tempelhofstraat 2
1043 EC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 229 63 45

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How to go

Station Amsterdam Sloterdijk can be found just around the corner. Furthermore, Westerpark is within easy reach and offers plenty of diverse food bars, clubs and restaurants. Need to travel a bit longer? Just rent one of our bicycles, make use of the public transport or grab a taxi.

Bike rental
3 hours € 9,50 per bike
1st day €15,- per bike
2nd day or more + €14,- per bike

How to get to the hotel

If you want to go to the hotel from the airport, we suggest taking the train to Sloterdijk Station. It takes only 10 min. The train ticket has a cost of less than €5,-. You are also able to take bus 69 to Sloterdijk Station. By bus, it will take approximately 35min. The hotel is located near Sloterdijk Station. When you arrive with the train to Sloterdijk Station you need to go outside to the bus stops. You will find the hotel right in front of bus stop M.

Public transportation

Train, metro, tram and bus are available at the station.
Upon request we can also order a taxi for you.

Let's get in touch

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